Seeking the Truth - Outline of Events

Introduction - Cryptidtruth - Hunting Monsters - Deadly Rainbow - Enhanced - Monster Film Fan

January 22 through January 28, 2007

January 22 - I found the Strange Thing in the Water video from cryptidtruth on YouTube. A little web searching for "unidentified animals" led me into the whole weird world of cryptozoology.
January 23 - While searching on the Internet for any possible references to or explanation of the thing in the video, I found a discussion thread on a popular cryptozoology website with an image of what looked to be the same creature, leading to a website called That site has its own mystery going on, involving some stolen action figures and collectibles. Some time late in the day cryptidtruth uploaded a new video, Strange Thing in the Water, Part 2 to YouTube, a little longer but not much clearer. Shortly thereafter, a new member by the same name joined Monster Hunter Club and wrote about and linked to the new YouTube video.
January 24 - While exploring the Monster Hunter Club website, I noticed an old military certificate that one of the members had posted, with what appeared to be a puzzling code on the back of it. The member who started the thread about the mysterious code has his own website, ominously called Rainbow of Death, and is one of a small group of NYU students who are active on the Monster Hunter Club site. This group also includes Derek, who runs the site, and a film student named Sun-Yi.
January 25 - Cryptidtruth's videos continued to be one of the hottest topics at and other discussion sites. Linked from several of those I found a news video about an ancient and rare shark that seems to have odd similarities to the thing in the cryptidtruth footage. While looking for updates on the Monster Hunter Club group's websites, I noticed a couple of new messages from Sun-Yi on her MySpace page. Oddly enough, I also ran across a column written by her on one of my regular film fan websites, Twitch. Coincidences compound.
January 26 - Things kept disappearing and reappearing. In the News area of his website, Monster Hunter Derek posted about Jon Paine, a close friend of his ex-girlfriend Amie, who has apparently gone missing. Amie runs a website called Enhance Yourself, about tattoos, piercing, and body modification, and Jon disappeared after attending a Tattoo Convention in Berlin and hasn't been heard from since. In an effort to help find him, Amie has posted a couple of videos to YouTube showing a radical implant procedure Jon did a short while ago, which itself caused a lot of media attention and controversy. Derek also mentioned that several people, some of them apparently random strangers, have written to him saying they've received packages containing one of his missing crypto-items, along with puzzles on a pieces of paper. Several different puzzles and items had shown up across the country.
January 27 - The enigmatic cryptidtruth posted a new video to his YouTube channel and also posted again to the Monster Hunter Club site, stirring up new questions about the thing in the water. Later he posted four new pictures to that same discussion thread, the clearest shots yet of the entire strange creature. Back at the Monster Hunter Club site, a member named molecularr solved the Certificate of the Golden Dragon code yielding a message saying, "the tin man has disappeared into the rainbow," apparently referencing the Project Rainbow program that Matt's Rainbow of Death website is about. The puzzles received by people along with Derek's missing items remained unsolved.