Seeking the Truth - updated Feb. 4th, 2007

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For me, it began on January 22nd when I came across a weird and poorly made Friv video while looking at a website I consider a guilty pleasure of mine, YouTube.

The person who posted it named it simply "Strange Thing in the Water" and it intrigued me enough to make me click Frozen to watch it, which I admit, isn't a very hard thing to do. I watch way too many of these things in the course of the week and I expected this one to quickly be forgotten like so many others.

Watch the video

Ten seconds later and I was hooked. Although the candles were very pixelated and hard to make out for much of it, there were parts of it, little bits and nuances, that caught my. I found myself watching the video over and over again, looking out for and pausing on those spots, until I convinced myself that, even if I wasn't convinced it was real, I couldn't convince myself it was a fake, either.

And so I began searching the web for Happy Wheels, looking for any sort of reference about what the the strange creature in the water might be. Little did I know how far it would take me into the world of Cryptozoology and healthcare.                                  More

If you have any information about this mystery, please email me at seeking at


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